The Benefits of a Wooden Garage Door

When it comes to garage doors, steel and fiberglass often steal the spotlight. But for homeowners seeking a touch of timeless elegance and natural warmth, wood seems more the attractive choice. Although wooden garage doors can be expensive, they are of premium quality and carry many significant benefits which can make them an affordable long term investment for your home. 

With the timber’s own unique grain lines and notches, no two doors are the same, each one has distinctive features that belong to the door. The natural wood timber used to make each of our doors is chosen for its functionality, durability, insulation and soundproofing properties. These are just some of the incredible qualities that persuade people to choose wooden garage doors, not to mention for their aesthetic beauty.

Whether you are installing a new garage door, or looking at options when repairing your existing garage door, here are our top benefits of switching to wood this year.

 wooden timber garage door with diagonal design


Don't let the natural material fool you. Wood is very durable, and can withstand more impact than some other garage door materials. When a steel door is dented or damaged, the likelihood is the entire door may have to be replaced. Additionally, it won't rust or succumb to the elements as easily. A wooden garage door is built with panels which can be replaced instead if damage occurs. Regular maintenance, like refinishing, ensures your wooden door weathers the years gracefully.

Look & Feel

Providing a natural elegance to your home, a wooden garage door is warm and inviting. The natural feel of the wood is fresh and cool in the summer months, while warm and comforting in the winter months.


Unlike their metal counterparts, wooden doors are a blank canvas for your creativity.  Many garage openings are non-standard size, and wood, being easier to cut and shape, is an excellent choice for these types of homes. Given the panel structure, wooden garage doors can be integrated easily with special features, such as windows or custom patterns.

As wooden garage doors can be either manual or automatic operation, they are also very versatile. If you are looking to match natural appeal with an electric garage door, wood is a good option.

Energy Efficiency & Environmental Impact

In an age of environmental awareness, wood shines as a sustainable option. Despite common misconceptions, wooden garage doors can be fully insulated and sealed during production. Wood is a natural insulator, keeping your garage cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This translates to lower energy bills and a more comfortable space, especially if you use your garage as a workshop or hobby room.

Wood is a renewable energy source, and there is more emphasis today on sustainable sourcing of materials. Plus, wood is biodegradable, unlike steel or fiberglass, which can end up in landfills

Easy to Maintain

Minor dings and scratches? No sweat. As wooden garage doors don’t dent like steel counterparts, the need for ongoing repair is considerably lessened. Unlike other materials, wood can be easily patched, sanded, and refinished, bringing your door back to its former glory without needing a complete replacement. The external wood will have to be treated on an ongoing basis, however this helps the aesthetic appeal as well as the longevity of your garage door. 

Quality Sound Proofing

Wood acts as a natural sound barrier, and can help reduce noise pollution from busy roads. Whether you use your garage as an added room or have audible access points to your home, a wooden garage door can provide a quieter impact on the rest of the home. 


Compared to their metal counterparts, wooden doors are considerably lighter. This translates to smoother operation, putting less strain on your garage door opener and potentially extending its lifespan. Bonus: it's easier on your wallet when it comes to repairs and replacements.

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