Key benefits of up and over garage doors

A one-piece up and over garage door is usually constructed from a single panel with the ability to choose almost any design from a wide range of materials. The garage door panel is lifted up and tilted to lay flat above your head when inside the garage.


What is an up and over garage door?

In the UK, up & over garage doors are a very popular choice for most homeowners. Up and over garage doors offer great flexibility in panel design, high security and easy operation when opening and closing. 

Advantages of up and over garage doors

  1. Visually appealing and available in a variation of designs
  2. Easy to operate manually
  3. Available in durable Powder Coated Steel or GRP
  4. Long-lasting sub-frames
  5. Offers enhanced safety and security for your home
  6. Low maintenance required
  7. Garage door parts are easy to repair or replace as and when needed

Why choose an up and over garage door for your home?

Up and over garage doors are a perfect choice when it comes to securing your garage. With the two different operation mechanisms, you get enough flexibility to meet your preferences. Also, most up and over garage doors are fitted with anti-drop devices. With these, you won’t have to worry about the safety of whoever is operating the door. 

At Power Doors, we offer a wide range of up and over garage doors for you to choose from. There are options to suit most styles, speak to us today if you’re unsure what garage door suits your home. 

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