Winter Tips For Garage Door Maintenance

As we enter the new year, the countdown to spring begins. But the weather in Scotland is ever-changing, and we still have plenty of cold mornings and rainy days to endure.

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We are spending more time at home now than ever, use this opportunity to give your garage some TLC - starting with your garage door maintenance. Your garage is an extension of your home, providing security for your car or belongings. It can also act as a layer of thermal insulation if kept in good condition, helping to reduce your overall heating bills. Here are some of our winter garage door maintenance tips that can help you avoid costly repairs:

Stay on top of cleaning

Getting a head start on the spring cleaning? We know your garage can often get neglected when it comes to cleaning, but regardless of what you use it for, ensure you regularly clean it to avoid any build-up of debris that may cause your garage door to malfunction.

Try not to think of your garage clean-up as a one-off task. A good start is always to clear the room in front of your garage, and give the door a wipe down with a cloth, including any components which are dusty, dirty or weathered. Remember not to wipe any lubricant off of moving parts which require them, if you do it may be a good idea to top it up to ensure the door operates as smoothly as it can.

Check on your weather seal

A weather seal is a small, raised ridge found along the floor at the entrance of your garage. If your garage door has one, check that it’s still intact and give it a good clean also. A weather seal helps to keep as much cold air, dirt and water out of your garage as possible. 

Although weather seals are tough and made to withstand a lot, they won’t need frequent replacing. They can however become damaged or loose over time, so worth keeping an eye on it.

Check your garage door balance

If the balance of weight feels off when operating your garage door, it could mean that your springs or cables are damaged and require fixing or replacement. It can be difficult enough to open your garage in winter, with the added factors of freezing temperatures, wind and rain, never mind also having an unbalanced door. Check that your garage door is easy and smooth to lift, without too much strain on either side.

Check your remote batteries

If you have an electric garage door, you’ll know just how easy it is not to have to think about getting out of your car in the rain to open your garage door. Just pressing a button and going straight from your car into your garage is a luxury you don't think about until your garage door remote batteries run out! Use this time to check your batteries and consider changing them if you haven’t done it in quite some time, to save yourself any possible altercations in the rain, or worse, snow!

Schedule regular maintenance

The team at Power Doors carry out regular garage door maintenance and repairs on a daily basis. The more you pay attention to your garage, the sooner you’ll pick up on any issues that arise. Ignoring minor faults always leads to much bigger and more costly repairs that can most of the time be avoided. We would advise you to schedule garage door servicing at least once a year. This may be key to avoiding replacing your garage door sooner than you'd like. 

Contact Power Doors to arrange a repair

At Power Doors, we can offer professional support with any issues you might face with your garage door during the winter season. We can work with any door style such as roller garage doors, up and over, and sectional. Our expert team of engineers are on hand to support with any repairs and advice you need.

Contact Power Doors today for a free, no-obligation quote or to discuss garage door repair options.

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