What You Need to Know About Side Hinged Garage Doors

You can get double hinged garage doors in a huge range of types, styles, and made from varying materials. Modern side hinged doors are very easy to use and are often used for garages that are being converted into other rooms. 

side hinged garage door

What are side hinged garage doors?

Side hinged garage doors are a traditional garage door style, which are hinged at the sides so they can open outwards. Sometimes also known as side opening or 'swing' garage doors.

Side hinged garage doors offer the convenience of easy pedestrian access into your garage, allowing you to nip in and out without having to open the entire garage door and letting in any cold air. These doors are available in a 50/50 split, or 1/3 and 2/3 opening leafs.

Are side hinged garage doors secure?

Absolutely. Most modern side hinged garage doors come with a standard or multi-point locking system. Standard locking is a great and secure option, however the multi-point locking system is more popular for those looking to store more expensive items or when converting their garage to a spare room or extension of the house.

Are side hinged garage doors energy efficient?

A side hinged door can be insulated for extra energy efficiency, helping trap heat in the garage and reducing your energy bills in the long run.

How easy is it to automate a side hinged garage door?

Converting your side hinged garage door into an electric automated door is relatively simple, as long as the original door panels are strong, properly constructed and the doors open outwards. 

Why choose a side hinged garage door for your home?

Choosing a side hinged garage door for your home is still a popular choice because they can be styled to blend in well with your property whilst adding curb appeal, providing excellent security and with low levels of maintenance.

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