Tips For Your Garage In Winter

Winter can be a hard time of year on a garage door, icy conditions and cold temperatures can be troublesome.  Now is a good time to do a health check on your existing garage door, so here are our 4 top tips for keeping your garage door in working order during the festive period.

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Inspect Your Garage Door Regularly
With low temperatures, moving parts within a garage door mechanism can become tight or stuck. It is important to inspect your garage door and look for any changes to the opening and closing mechanisms.

Ensure the moving parts are lubricated
During winter we find a lot of our garage door repairs callouts are down to a lack of lubrication. Cold temperatures can see the grease/oil on the rollers dry up, our advice for this is to check regularly and reapply if needed.

The base can freeze
If we get a fall of snow, it is essential to clear the snow away from the bottom of your garage door as soon as is practical. A build-up of snow can lead to the base of your garage door freezing over and sealing shut. If your garage door is frozen shut, the best action to take is to slowly scrape and chip away at the ice or try to melt it with hot water. Sweep snow out of the base on a regular basis to avoid further issues.

Keep your door clear
Most electric garage doors are programmed to stop and reverse if an object is in the way of opening. Snow and ice, or leaves that have blown in while your door is open can make your garage door think there is an obstruction, and cause it to go down and then partially back up.

If you are having problems with your garage door that these tips can’t remedy, get in touch with our experienced garage door repair team.

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