The Benefits of Insulated Doors

The Power Doors Garage Door installation team recently finished work installing an insulated Garador roller garage in Beith. The existing garage door was an older up and over model that allowed air to leak into the garage. As this garage was connected to the house, we recommended an insulated garage door, to benefit the house as a whole, improving temperatures and potentially reducing energy bills.

The benefits of having an insulated roller garage door outweigh the drawbacks, below are several advantages to having an insulated garage door:-

Keep Your House Warm

In those cold winter months, it can be quite noticeable when chilly air leaks into your home. If you have a garage connected to your home, more often than not, you will feel a cold draft from it. Insulating your garage door can add an extra barrier against cold air and bring the overall house temperature up. You might even reduce how much you use your heating off the back of this.

Better Garage Temperatures

It’s a shock to the system when you walk through to your garage in the morning and its -3c. Scotland can get quite cold in the winter, why not improve that early morning routine by insulating your garage door.

Enhanced Soundproofing

Whether it's using power tools, working out or jamming on a drum kit or guitar, garages can be used as quite versatile spaces. Sometimes our neighbours dislike the 10th attempt at playing the solo from Bohemian Rhapsody, so why not put an extra layer of soundproofing between them and your next gig!

Protect Your Belongings

A lot of people like to use the extra space in a garage to store belongings such as boxes of old photographs and memories. When these boxes are exposed to the elements, they can get damage from the cold, damp air, which can lead to heartbreak. By installing an insulated garage door, you get an extra layer of protection again the elements.

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