What Makes A Safe And Reliable Electric Roller Garage Door?

At Power Doors, we provide roller garage doors from high-quality brands like Hormann, AlluGuard, Garador and more. Whether you're deciding between which garage door style you should choose, or wondering about your existing roller garage door, we have some answers that can help you.

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Here are 4 things that make a roller garage door safe & reliable:

1. Anti-fall back

A typical legal requirement for roller garage doors is to be fitted with an anti-fall-back device to prevent the roller door from dropping if the motor ever fails or an internal component loses connection. If you are unsure whether or not your door has this feature, speak to one of our specialists as this is usually something which cannot be seen on an assembled roller door but should come as standard.

2. Obstacle detection

If your roller garage door is remote-controlled, it should be equipped with a safety detection system that stops the door from moving when it detects an obstacle, causing it to fully stop or reverse slightly to avoid any damage or harm.

3. Insulated garage doors

When you look at a roller garage door from the outside it may be tricky to tell if it’s insulated. Most roller garage doors are double-skinned and insulated, this means they use high slats that are foam filled. An insulated garage door can help with heat escaping your garage but also provide better longevity and quality for the garage door itself.

4. Manufacture Warranty

Many European garage door manufacturers offer up to 10 years combined on their garage doors, between hardware and electronic components. This ensures you have peace of mind but also can trust in the quality of your garage door to last even with continued use. 

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