Repair Issues With Electric Garage Doors

At Power Doors we don’t just specialise in electric garage door installations, we also service and repair existing garage doors. Our expert team are on hand ready to help with any garage door problems. Below are a number of common issues our garage door repair team find while servicing electric garage doors:

Your Electric Garage Door Is Sticking or Completely Stuck

If your garage door is having difficulty moving, or it’s completely stuck, the main offenders are often a bent track or a broken moving part such as a pulley. Lack of lubrication can also be a big factor when your garage door isn’t operating the way it should be. So ensuring regular maintenance is carried out is essential, including lubricating moving parts.

Your Electric Garage Door Rollers Are Worn Out

Rollers move up and down the track system attached to your garage door, and they move A LOT. This can lead to the Rollers getting worn out. To prevent this from happening (and a hefty bill) you should look to replace your rollers every 5 years.

Your Electric Garage Door Opens and Closes Slowly

If your garage door is acting sluggish, taking it’s time to open and close, more often than not it’s down to the spring. It’s wise to contact our garage doors repair specialists who can diagnose and fix your issue.

Your Remotes Batteries are dead!

And one of the main reasons your electric garage door isn’t opening… the batteries on your remote control have given up. Time to replace!

Our expert team are on hand ready to help you with your garage door requirements. Contact Power Doors today to talk to our expert installation and garage door repairs team. 

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