Remote Garage Doors In Winter

Garage Doors of Days Gone By

In the good old days, phones were just for making calls and the TV had 5 channels. Every morning and every evening, people had to go outside into the cold and dark and manually unlock their garage door. After this, in the cold air, they’d lift or open it, drive the car in or out, before exiting and closing the door again. That’s far more time spent outside in freezing temperatures than you should have to endure! 

Modern Garage Door Security

Many of our wide range of garage doors come as electric garage doors. This is fast becoming the popular option to our customers. Being able to open the door at the touch of a button using a remote control is simple, safe, and secure. This also allows the user to do it all from the warmth and comfort of their car. Electric garage doors aren’t exclusive to a particular style, and can be integrated with roller, sectional, or up-and-over garage doors. 

Electric or automatic garage doors offer increased security as well as additional protection from the elements in the winter. As they can be operated by keypads, mobile phones, or even fingerprint scanners, you can feel completely confident that your garage door is secure to potential intruders. The biometric identification access behind fingerprint access and integration with mobile apps can provide substantial peace of mind. Not only is your home secure, but using an app, you can even check that you completed the task - another common issue with that cold winter morning. We’ve all been there when after a hectic early morning commute, we wonder whether we remembered to close the garage door behind us! 

Warmth and Security with Power Doors

Whilst security is an integral aspect of upgrading to a new electric garage door this winter, we do believe that comforting warmth will be a much appreciated bonus too. You’ve had a long day, you drive up the driveway in the cold and dark, tired and stressed. You’re digging out the gloves and the scarf and the jacket and the torch and the thermal under armour… to open the garage that you’re going to need to repeat and close in a minute anyway. We at Power Doors will be happy to provide you comfort and ease with an electric garage door at the push of a button.

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