How to ensure your garage door is efficient and long-lasting

Your garage is an extension of your home. You wouldn't want your front door to be cracked, malfunctioning or even jammed, would you? You can’t forget about your garage door either, as it’s crucial that you have a functional, well-maintained and secure garage door to protect your garage and home at all times.

In this blog article, we outline some things to keep in mind with your current garage door, or when you are considering upgrading to a new one, ensuring your garage remains well maintained and up to par with the rest of your home.

Quality matters

Choosing to invest in quality allows you greater peace of mind from the get-go, generally meaning your garage door will last longer. But higher quality doesn't necessarily have to equal a higher price. Some quality garage doors can often cost more, however choosing the right type of garage door for your home and lifestyle can provide you with the quality you need, at a price you can afford.

By investing in good mechanics and moving parts for your garage door, you can expect better quality, more robust materials and better resistance against harsher surroundings and the weather.

Service your garage door regularly

Another way to care for your garage door is through regular servicing. Think of it like an MOT for your car every year! With the seasons and weather changing, your garage door goes through a lot, so you want to ensure it is consistently safe and functional before you encounter any major problems.

Whether you commit to a yearly service, or every 2 years, keeping your garage door serviced is the most cost-effective way of helping it run smoothly for much longer. Doing so will not only increase your chances of avoiding unexpected garage door repair costs but also prevent major issues like it getting jammed open or shut. The last thing anyone wants is for it to break down on a rainy day!

Speak to your local garage door specialists at Power Doors, to see what we can recommend about servicing your garage door and to discuss any costs involved.

Don’t wait to fix problems

If you think your garage door needs to be repaired, chances are you are right. When you first notice an issue with the garage door, it can often be sorted with the help of one of our garage door specialists. Most things can seem little to begin with, but can quickly cause much bigger problems often resulting in a more intensive garage door repair or even full garage door replacement.

Try to pinpoint the area which you think is affected or needs repaired, and reach out to us, your local garage door experts if you need any advice or a garage door repair carried out.

Looking After Your Garage Door

It's simple yet it has to be said, but just like any other thing that’s well looked after, your garage door should also be treated with care daily. Things like slamming it shut, knocking into it, denting it, scraping it, and jamming the key in the lock are all bad habits that can lead to bigger problems down the line. 

It can be easy to make these mistakes sometimes, but it’s important to recognise the effect these can have on the longevity of your garage door. Over time, small things can come together to cause long-term and sometimes irreparable damage to your garage door, which could have been avoided with a little more care.

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