Garage Door Repairs and Best Maintenance Tips

Many factors can affect the performance of an electric up-and-over garage door, from springs to cables or even tracks causing issues with its balance or functionality. Whatever it may be, our team at Power Doors have the experience to offer advice and tackle any needed garage door repairs.

What to do when my garage door is unbalanced and looks wonky?

Garage doors are designed to be tough and robust. However accidental damage can happen, especially when life throws some unexpected weather at your up-and-over garage door. Here are some areas to look out for that can help you come up with a solution:

  1. Broken springs and cables

When a spring or cable breaks, it can cause the door to appear unbalanced. This can also be due to ‘jumped cables’, meaning either one or both cables have become loose from the cable drums, causing them to unwind.

A ‘jumped cable’ can be caused by general wear and tear but also from something as simple as your garage door hitting an object during operation, or by being lifted manually too quickly. When you start noticing an issue with your garage door cables or springs, don’t disregard this issue as it can prevent your garage door from closing properly and compromises its security.

  1. Mis-aligned tracks 

Tracks are crucial for an up-and-over garage door to run smoothly, which means they must be properly aligned at all times. If not aligned accurately, your garage door can become jammed in the tracks and leave you in a sticky situation.

In order for your door to operate smoothly, we recommend regular checks and maintenance that will ensure your garage door is reliable in the long run. Always check the tracks for grime and dirt, and use a damp cloth to wipe away any debris.

Our skilled team of repair engineers offer a wide range of services and can ensure complete safety and functionality of your garage doors, thanks to many years of professional experience. 

How do I open my garage door from the outside if it's stuck?

If your garage is stuck and you are unable to access it from the outside, there could be a malfunction with the cables or tracks in the door, or an obstruction on the door. Our garage door repair team are on hand to get you the right assistance. 

Most garages should come with an emergency release kit installed which will allow you to manually open the door whether you’re inside or outside. If you are experiencing a power outage, always make sure that any attempt you make to open your garage door is safe to do so. If you feel uncomfortable or unsure of how to get the door to budge, contact our team at Power Doors and we will get you back on track.

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