Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Summer

In this handy guide we will give you some top tips on maintaining your garage door ahead of the summer:

  • Lubricate springs and tracks in the garage door for smooth and quiet operation
  • Test any battery function to ensure all components work smoothly, replacing any non-functioning parts
  • Clean the weather stripping in your garage door and check for tears
  • Avoid using a pressure washer to wash your garage door and opt for a garden hose instead
  • Book a garage door repair with Power Doors if you have any issues - never repair a door yourself as garage doors can be dangerous!

Garage Door Repair and Maintenance

As we approach summer, barbeques will be out, guests will be round - and a clean, well working garage door is both safe and tidy for your guests. We provide some tips on proper garage door maintenance and how to best clean your garage door.

Having an efficient, working garage door is not only beneficial for its everyday use, but from a security and safety perspective also. Garage doors are built to last, however when it is not maintained, a garage door becomes more susceptible to damage from the elements. Garage door damage can then become considerably worse and more expensive to fix. 

Usually we see a lot of this damage occurring through temperature and weather changes, often from Summer into Autumn. However, usually moving through spring, garage doors can accumulate damage and many people don’t consider the impact. Summer is a time where garage doors can be more in use - be that moving garden furniture or tools as the weather allows more garden use!

Proper garage door maintenance can keep your garage door working efficiently and quietly through the summer and beyond. 

Maintaining Your Garage Door


Whether you have an electric garage door or a , a battery operated one or a manual garage door, it’s important that they continue to function all year round. Test the door opening and whether the door opens fully, whether there are any blockages, or if the door stutters as it is opening. This could indicate low power or a bad connection to the garage door.


If any part of the door is showing signs of difficulty in opening, it could be time to replace some components. Springs can become cracked or over-stretched which limits the functionality of a garage door. Replacing parts on a garage door is a complex and difficult task with heavy elements; it is always important to hire a professional garage door repair company to complete any part replacements. 


When a garage door makes squeaking or grinding sounds, or vibrates when opening, it could indicate that the track or spring mechanisms are rusting. For a garage door to open smoothly, it is important for the springs and tracks to be lubricated. Consistent use on an unlubricated garage door mechanism can grind down the components and cause additional damage. 

Cleaning Garage Door Mechanisms

Often what can cause garage door mechanisms to require lubrication are when dirt and debris build up on these parts. Debris can block operation of any type of garage door. General sweeping around the door will clear debris which garage door use and the elements can attract.

Cleaning the front of a garage door

When cleaning the front of a garage door, we would recommend using a standard garden hose. Although a pressure washer may seem a fast and efficient way to clean your garage door, the high pressure can cause damage to metal panels or any weather conditioning on the front of the door. 

The best soaps to use to clean your garage door are car wash soaps or any other mild detergent along with a sponge. It is important to avoid detergents with bleach - or adding bleach yourself - as this can potentially strip colour from the garage door. This also applies to the inside of the garage door. 

Don’t forget to clean the weather stripping along the outside of the door as well. The weather stripping runs around a garage door to protect from the elements when closed - helping to maintain the temperature and keep rain out. 

Keep Your Garage Door Fully Functional

As garage door repair and maintenance experts, we know what makes your garage door tick. Garage doors are built to last, but can only last when they are properly looked after - like any other part of your home. Regularly testing and cleaning the door will ensure your door remainings efficient, functional, and quiet! If you have any issues with your garage door or want to book to repair or replace it, contact us today to arrange a free consultation. 

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