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Imagine being able to leave your home on a cold, bleak winter’s morning and get to your car through your garage without ever encountering the sub-zero freeze waiting on the other side of your door. To go from home to car without navigating an icy path, defrosting a car handle, or putting on hats and gloves and thermal-lined winter jackets. That’s the beauty of an integrated garage, however without proper installation or servicing, this dream is very much a double edged sword. 

Without correct installation, your integrated garage could impact temperature throughout the house, raising costs of heating and decreasing energy efficiency. When there are gaps between the door and frame, floor, or ceiling, hot air can be released and allow cold air in. Wind and cold air whistles through the garage and under the door to your kitchen or hall, which will then spread around the remainder of the property. This is very unpleasant to any warm home. Heat is less dense than the cool air outside, meaning poor insulation transfers cold air and helps push hot air out. In turn, this increases the amount of heat required to warm your home and incurs the additional costs associated. Not only is that dream of the warm, cosy integrated garage far away, but the status quo can actually impact on the rest of the household. 

Properly Insulated Garage Doors

With some metal doors, heat can be transferred through materials like a conduit; insulation slows this transfer of heat. Seals on doors can deteriorate over time through usage and the impact of the elements. These seals are designed to stop water and debris getting in and can again have a significant impact on home insulation, particularly with an integrated garage. Maintaining the integrity on garage door seals can therefore have a major influence on how the rest of the home is heated. Wooden doors may not transfer heat the way metal does, however again the seals around doors can allow the entry of cold air. Whatever style of garage door you have, regular maintenance is vital in maintaining it’s effectiveness. Power Doors have vast experience working with a variety of garage door materials and functions.

Garage Door Maintenance

Garage heat loss can be significantly wasteful on utility bills and energy efficiency, so by investing in correct installation and insulation of your garage door through Power Doors, this wastage can be mitigated. Our certified and trained team have vast experience in garage door maintenance and structure, being able to identify weak points in construction and advise positive solutions. Find out many more reasons why you should choose Power Doors now. With our competitive prices and professional service, your garage door is in the safest possible hands with Power Doors this Winter.

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