Garage Door Cladding Properties and Usage

Many homes and garage doors in the UK use cladding for its protective qualities and the visual appeal that comes with it. We think you should be aware of the properties that cladding offers and how it can be used for your home.

What is Cladding?

Cladding is like an additional skin of material, which is added to a property structure for protection and for visual effect or decoration. Cladding can be made from man-made and natural materials. Man-Made cladding is usually chosen for its low maintenance qualities, however, Timber cladding is becoming utilised more recently, thanks to it also requiring little to no aftercare.

There are lots of man-made types of cladding available, made from materials such as cement, metal and composite materials. When it comes to natural cladding, Timber planks are a very popular option as well, many people tend to opt for cedar and larch, but lately, pine and ash thermo-wood are popular choices for cladding. Wooden garage doors are a great option for those looking to complement the aesthetic of natural timber cladding.

The Purpose of Cladding

The purpose of cladding is to protect a building or garage structure from deterioration with elements like wind and rain for example. Cladding does have certain benefits like insulation properties, noise control and its ability to uplift exterior aesthetics and appeal.

If your home already has cladding, you can consider replacing it like for like, as a way to maintain and refresh the character of your home. This is especially important if you want to ensure that your cladding matches the local architecture. Otherwise, cladding is often used to improve an older or dated home. Some materials might need replacing or you could use something that will not need to be treated every couple of years like man-made cladding.

Does It Matter Which Cladding Material I Choose?

Yes - In recent years, the material which your cladding is made of has raised a lot of concerns for homeowners and builders. 

It is important to be fully aware of what materials are used in your cladding, ensure you know exactly what it is made of. This could save you time, money and stress for your overall well being and the safety of your garage.

Cladding has gone under scrutiny due to various unknown materials being used in its production, causing potential risks to a building’s structural integrity. Choose a reliable natural material such as Timber or man-made alternatives like composite materials for your wooden garage door cladding.

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