Electric roller shutter garage doors

There are many garage door styles to choose from and it's worth knowing the benefits of each one for your home and lifestyle. In this blog article, we take a look at electric roller shutter garage doors and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about this garage door style.

What are electric roller shutter garage doors?

A roller shutter garage door is a versatile option for many homes, offering a smooth vertical opening with no internal tracks saving extra space in your garage.

Roller garage doors are typically manufactured from either steel or aluminium, which also offer good insulation. A roller door can is essentially a shield which can roll around itself at the top of the door opening. They can also be easily mistaken for a sectional garage door, which is similar in that it rises vertically, but is made from much bigger panels that cannot wrap around themselves.

We offer a range of high-quality electric roller garage doors that have greater security levels, a bespoke finish and work well in smaller spaces. Contact us today to find out more about garage door options for you.


How do electric shutter garage doors work?

Most garage shutter doors are electrically operated as standard, offering ultimate convenience with easy operation at the touch of a button.

Roller garage doors work by sliding or rolling up and down through tracks, sometimes also referred to as guide channels. The slats fit into a small box above the door, inside your garage when rolled up. Most commonly the box is installed inside, known as an internal face fix as this provides the best security. External fixes are also available but less commonly required.

When the roller garage door shutter is closed, it sits firmly against the ground, making this type of garage door highly secure.


How much space do I need for an electric roller shutter door?

When considering an electric roller shutter door, there are a few key sizes you should be aware of. Although roller doors can be fitted on most garage sizes from single to double, we recommend noting these sizes before we can help you get a quote:

  1. Structural garage opening Width - carefully measure the brickwork opening width of your garage.
  2. Structural garage opening Height - repeat the process above, only this time you are establishing the height of the garage opening
  3. Headroom within the garage - you need to know how much headroom is available inside your garage, as space will be required to house the roller mechanism box above the structural opening.
  4. Side room (on the left & right) - check the space available at each side of the opening, which is needed for the vertical guide sections. 


How much would it cost to install an electric roller garage door?

Some people may be under the impression that electric roller garage doors are far more expensive than the manual versions. However, you may be surprised as they can be quite an affordable and durable solution for most homes.

As a general guide, most steel roller garage doors can cost between £1,000 and £2,500 - although this is an estimate as each garage varies in size and requirements.


Why choose a roller shutter garage door for your home?

Choosing a roller shutter garage door for your home is a fantastic option if you want an easy-to-use and more secure alternative to traditional garage doors. With insulated options available, greater safety and security for your home and garage, as well as space-saving features, these make a roller garage door a great choice.

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