Does Your Garage Door Fit Your Car Size?

One of the common queries customers have when looking for a new garage door is whether the new door will fit their car at home. Although modern garages have many more uses than just housing your car, it’s always important to ensure your garage door is the right size and fit for any future needs and uses.

Modern Garage Doors & Choosing the Right Size


Will My Car Fit Through My Garage Door?

Cars are getting bigger to match the growing needs of people and families. More boot space, more car seats, wider car seats - the growth impacts both length and width.

The difference between a 1980 Ford Escort and 2018 Ford Focus is over 400mm in length and nearly 200mm in width. It might not sound like much, but when garages, particularly in older houses, maintain entry-way size, this leaves a smaller and tighter fit for your car. 

Traditionally, a garage would sit around 4.9m x 2.5m. If that Ford Focus is now nearing 4.4m in length as opposed to 4m 30 years ago while the garage remains the same, then leaving the car or emptying the boot could be quite tricky. With that same Ford Focus just over 1.8m wide, that margin for entry is smaller too, not to mention the size of the door fittings itself. A very tight squeeze!

Can The Type of Garage Door I Choose Help?

Absolutely - the way your garage door operates can afford you additional room. An up-and-over garage door for example requires additional space at the top of your garage, making it tight for a longer or taller car - particularly a Range Rover or SUV style vehicle. Similarly, where length is an issue, a roller garage door which rolls inside itself could prove a squeeze.

Alternatively, a side hinged or sectional garage door can open outwards, leaving the internal space of the garage clear for your car and access. As components of the door are installed externally, this doesn’t compromise the width of the entryway either. 

Making Sure You Have the Right Garage Door Size & Fit

Whether you’re regularly driving your car into your garage, or rushing in with bags in the pouring rain, you need to make sure your garage door is sized to purpose. You don’t want to scrape your car or damage goods or even injure yourself, so it’s important to factor in your use when arranging a new garage door. 

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