Converting to an Electric Garage Door

An electric garage door provides the ultimate convenience, security, and peace of mind a garage door has to offer. If you are looking at upgrading your garage door, it's important to remember that many existing garages can be converted to an electric garage door should you feel the time is right to upgrade.

With unpredictable weather, or busy days out, the last thing you want to do is get out of your car just to open and close your garage door - every time. Whether your existing garage door needs a bit of TLC or it's just a bit outdated for the look and feel of your home, here’s some reasons we think you’ll love an electric garage door.

Below are the three key reasons why you should upgrade your existing, manual garage door to a new and safer electric garage door:

  1. Touch, tap or scan for easy access
  2. Obstacle detection
  3. Time saving

  1. Touch, Tap or Scan for Easy Access

Unlocking your new electric garage door has never been easier. With Power Doors, you can choose to easily and conveniently access your garage door with either a remote control, mobile phone, keypad or even a fingerprint scanner! This makes opening your garage door not just simple, but also secure.

When you are faced with rain, snow or even hail, the last thing you want to do is get out of your nice warm car to lift open the garage door, especially as it's more than likely chucking it down with rain! With an electronically accessible garage door, you can enjoy the convenience of remotely opening it with minimal effort.

  1. Obstacle Detection

Our modern electric garage doors can detect the presence of obstacles in their paths during operation, and they will stop as soon as that happens. This eliminates the danger of a garage door possibly closing on you, your loved ones or your vehicle if it's in the way.

  1. Saves Precious Time

Whatever may be going on around you, sometimes we can all be in a rush to leave or come back home. You can save additional time and frustration by being able to operate your electric garage door with the touch of a button or even from your mobile phone.

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