Broken Garage Door? Advice & Repairs From Our Expert Team

From broken springs on an up-and-over garage door, to a jammed roller door, or an electric garage door that has simply stopped responding, our experienced team can provide our advice and recommended repair. 

My garage door is broken, what do I do?

Garage doors are robust, but accidental damage, weather, or general long term use can cause issues with your garage door. If you are experiencing difficulties with any functionality of your door, you can check out our recommendations for quick checks to do yourself. If the solution is not obvious, contact a professional garage door repair team to assist. Attempting to fix doors, particularly when there is sensitive functionality such as an electric or roller garage door, can cause issues to worsen - you may end up twisting or cracking the door or mechanisms.

Most Common Garage Door Breakages

Whether Power Doors installed your garage door or not, we can help you diagnose and repair the most common issues, and provide a professional repair service for more complex problems. Let’s look at some of the most common issues our repair team come across.

Replacing Broken Springs on a Garage Door

Many garage doors include two springs which must be replaced. Often, customers don’t notice one is broken until all springs bust. Springs need to be carefully replaced and lubricated for functionality. Springs typically break through extensive wear and tear over time.

Roller garage door is jammed

Initially, you could try spraying the track and rollers with lubricant to loosen movement. If this does not unjam a garage door, trying to force the door could cause more significant damage. Always make sure that an item hasn’t fallen against the door to jam - possibly easier said than done if the roller door is the only way into your garage!

The garage door cable breaks

If a cable breaks in your garage door when open, this can leave your home exposed. You should call a professional to provide the correct spare part and repair the damage quickly. Cables can break from general wear and tear, or through rusting and becoming brittle.

My electric garage door isn’t responding

A common cause of this is where no power is supplied to the motor. Restoring a tripped fuse or re-closing the circuit breaker could restore power. If this does not resolve the issue, then the garage door motor may need repaired or replaced. 

How much should a garage door repair cost?

Garage door repair costs can vary depending on the issues with the door and the cost of parts, where required. Quick fixes such as lubrication are inexpensive and can be done easily at home. A professional garage door repair team can diagnose the exact issues and help find the most effective solution. Some issues can be treated on a short term basis, but without proper action, cause more expensive repairs in the future.

Should I Repair or Replace my garage door?

Whether to repair or replace your garage door again depends on the size of the repairs and the long term functionality of the door. Our dedicated garage door repairs team will always work to extend the life of existing garage doors where it is efficient to do so, and with the best value for money for our customers. Still unsure if you should replace or repair your garage door, see our experts advice.

Can I Replace a Garage Door Myself?

We don’t recommend replacing your garage door unless you have experience of similar jobs! Garage doors are large and heavy items which require very precise and sensitive installation. Not installing a new garage door correctly can cause a variety of problems in the short and long term. It can also leave a vulnerable security risk to your home.

Power Doors Garage Door Repair Team

At Power Doors, we have a skilled team of garage door repair engineers. With many years of professional experience, we have seen it all. Our team has quick access to a wide range of spare parts from many of the top manufacturers of garage doors, including Hormann, Henderson, Alluguard, and many more. This ensures our repair team can quickly diagnose and repair a majority of issues while you wait.

We also offer a garage door service on new garage doors installed by Power Doors. This gives our customers the peace of mind their new garage door is being properly maintained, to avoid the need for emergency repairs and extend the life of the door.

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