Automatic Garage Door Repair in Glasgow & Ayrshire

Today our garage door repair technicians have been completing repairs in Glasgow & Newton Mearns, including replacing a remote control on a garage door after 25 years! Remote control operation on an automated garage door and the weather can occasionally be a volatile mix, so here are our tips if you’re having issues this winter.  

Winter Weather & Electric Garage Doors

We all know the snow can cause issues with clearing driveways and driving on roads; it can also cause issues with garage doors, particularly electric garage doors. Snow and ice can freeze shut garage doors, or freeze the cables and joints which support the door.Why does my Garage Door Remote not Work?

Although we wouldn’t recommend attempting to repair a garage door yourself, you can test to see whether it is an issue with the remote control.

Check the Batteries! Sometimes the issue with a remote control for a garage door can be as simple as changing the batteries.
Signal Disruption. Sometimes the control is out of range or the signal could be blocked; potentially because of a damaged receiver antenna. 
Lock button engaged. Yes, we’ve seen this happen! Make sure the door is unlocked and not the reason the remote seems to be unresponsive!

Can I Reprogram my Garage Door Remote Control?

A more common issue which can be resolved before calling the Power Doors repair team is to check the programming on your garage door remote control. Occasionally, with excessive use, the receiver can be disrupted and needs to be linked again.

What do I do if my Electric Garage Door Doesn't Work?

Electric garage door motors can break for a number of reasons, including extreme weather shifts. Garage door motors can break down through long term use, through rust, or simply because of a disconnect through a remote control. If this occurs, it is important to hire professional garage door repair technicians, like Power Doors, to be able to repair the damage. With many different manufacturers and parts, self-diagnosis and the wrong choice of replacement parts can make an issue worse.

A Professional Garage Door Service You Can Trust

If your electric garage door doesn’t work, it is always best to call a professional garage door repair service. The Power Doors repair team are out and about in the West of Scotland helping many customers with similar automated garage door issues. Our expert team have dealt with the most common manufacturers, models, and issues of Garage Doors and are well placed to help you. Contact us today to arrange your garage door repair.

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