A New Door During Covid-19

Understandably, there is growing concern, and will be for some time, to protect against Covid-19. More care and consideration will go into choosing companies for any service who strictly follow good practices. When having a new garage door installed or getting a garage door repair, there are engagements between supplier and customer directly at the home, and this could be a point of concern for customers. At Power Doors, we want to put everyone at ease in knowing we make every effort possible to ensure all garage door repairs & installations are conducted with extreme care. This remains as true as ever as we enter the post-lockdown world with Coronavirus still a threat.

What to Ask Your Garage Door Company

Whether or not you choose to use Power Doors, we want to ensure anyone getting a new garage door is prepared and feels secure during the process. No customer should feel uncomfortable, particularly when dealing in and around their own home. Although getting a new garage door and having workmen in and around their home at this time will still be too much for some people; sometimes necessity (particularly with repairs) will hasten making that decision. Regardless of your level of apprehension, everyone should be fully comfortable with your garage door company before you proceed. Power Doors are delighted to provide some advice in what you should consider and ask your garage door team before making a decision.

What questions should I ask my garage door company?

  • Can I have a quote built remotely? A full plan will have to be conducted of the door, from size and functionality requirements to access levels. This can be completed with limited exposure and not require close contact.
  • When staff arrive to install or fix your garage door, will staff maintain social distancing? If an invoice is to be collected or access is required, no staff should encroach on social distances you feel comfortable with.
  • Are staff equipped with personal protective equipment and are they fully trained and monitored for hygiene standards?
  • Are tools and vans disinfected between jobs?

These questions ensure that the people completing your garage door service are careful to avoid the possible spread of Coronavirus. All of our staff are properly trained and monitored, ensuring any staff who are symptomatic follow full self isolation protocols. Our team is provided with masks and cleaning equipment to ensure you are comfortable and confident in allowing staff to complete your service.

You may also have questions to ask a garage door company about how you should prepare:

  • Should you be wearing any protective equipment or disinfecting door handles or surrounding areas?
  • What if someone in your household becomes ill before the garage door team arrives? 

These are just some of the many questions you may or may not have considered, but are crucial to consider before letting service people into your home for a garage door repair or installation. 

How can an electric garage door help in the future?

One of the benefits of looking ahead to a new garage door, is implementing a new electric garage door. Reducing contact on doors when exiting or entering the garage by using a mobile phone app or remote can help maintain sanitary practices. Frequently, people are using garages as a safe space to drop goods and groceries to family & friends for security and to avoid close contact. Ensuring your garage is able to easily operate and maintain full functionality is crucial in maintaining this social middle ground during the current pandemic. 

Booking Your Garage Door Install

As we continue to monitor and adapt to developing government advice on our services, rest assured the Power Doors team is prepared to continue the safe, clean, and efficient garage door installation service our customers know and trust. Contact us today for any information and to request your free garage door estimate. You can also request your new garage door quote. Power Doors have been safely supplying & installing garage doors in Lochwinnoch and the Scottish central and continue to provide an expert, customer friendly service.


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