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Our installation team are just back from installing a new Alluguard roller garage door for a customer in Glasgow. The customer had been intending to replace their garage door for some time, but it was the first run of cold frosty mornings in November that caused them to come into our showroom just outside Glasgow to choose a new door. 

Their existing garage door was so stiff that they had stopped parking in the garage - the daily struggle with the door just wasn’t worth it. But the idea of another long winter of cold dark mornings spent battling with a frosted windscreen was equally unappealing. The customer was looking for a solution that would allow them to just get in the car and go. After discussion of the options, they decided on an insulated roller garage door from Alluguard - the ideal solution to protect their car from the elements, and get their day off to a better start.

Alluguard roller doors come with a remote control as standard, meaning on those extra chilly days you can open or close your garage door from the comfort of your nice cosy vehicle. Alluguard also offers a wall switch or keypad operator for the garage door, ensuring you can easily access your garage on foot too. 

With better access, you are more likely to use your garage to its full potential. Roller garage doors take up less space than other types of doors. The garage door rolls up and is housed inside a container above the door, allowing for additional roof space for lighting or storage, and the insulation built into the garage door and professional installation help to reduce draughts - all of which combine to greatly improve the functionality of your garage. 

All Alluguard customers also get peace of mind, as Alluguard garage doors are police approved for security.

Our expert team are on hand ready to help you with your garage door requirements. Contact Power Doors today to talk to our expert installation and garage door repairs team.

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